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R names

In this post (The names in R) we analyze the rules to follow to correctly choose the names of constants, variables, methods, classes and modules, which represent the essential elements with which we will work in this environment.

A name in R can then consist of a capital letter, a lowercase letter or a symbol. (dot), which in turn can be any combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, and figures. The lower case characters correspond to the lowercase letters of the alphabet from a to z, while uppercase characters correspond to the uppercase letters of the alphabet from A to Z and the digits from 0 to 9. The number of characters that make up the name is not limited.

Here are some suggestions given in the guide to R provided by Google, on how to correctly name the objects (names in R):

Never use underscores (_) or dashes (-) to identify an object in the R environment.
The identifiers must be named according to the following conventions.
The preferred form for variable names is to use all lowercase letters and words must be separated by dots (variable.name), but the identifier in the variableValue form is also accepted.
Function names have an initial capital letter and no point (FunctionName) should be used.
The constants are identified in the same way as the functions, but with an initial k.